My Next Prey: SNC-Lavalin Or Amaya? Or Both?

Recent news made each company really interesting for a potential future shareholder.

AYA November 20


Indeed, Amaya was heavily punished last week. Clearly, the growth won’t be as relentless as previously thought. It might be a good entry point.

SNC November 20


SNC-Lavalin is also trading at a discount compared to historical levels. This is understandable: the company has a few dark clouds on its head, and for a little while.

The company has been charged of corruption and bribery by the RCMP and is barred from participating in projects related to the World Bank. On the other hand, the company posted solid Q3 earnings. Stay tuned on Seeking Alpha.

Disclosure: I have no position in SNC, AYA.

SNC-Lavalin Group Will Benefit From Insider Trading In The Short Term

  • Intense insider buying and the share buyback will provide a strong floor for the share price.
  • The Highway 407 concession in Ontario is a highly valuable asset, and the sale could raise cash for another acquisition.
  • There are still great headwinds that remains in the core engineering and construction operations of the company.

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