Portfolio Update: Adding To My Favorite Canadian E&Ps

Last week’s sell-off was a one time event: Stability in the oil market should return. Selling overleveraged and low netbacks oil producers. Adding to my favorite Canadian E&Ps. Click here to read the entire article on Seeking Alpha.

Pine Cliff Energy: Good News At A good Price

Pine Cliff Energy recently sold a non-core oil asset for C$31M. This asset produced 500 boe per day, which brings us to a price of C$62,000 per flowing barrel. Not bad as Raging River Exploration recently completed a transaction in the Viking area for C$85,000 per flowing barrel. The premium is understandable as the transaction […]

Pine Cliff Energy’s Insiders To The Rescue!

We heard good and bad news today from Pine Cliff Energy. First, we know management truly have shareholders in their mind. They will lend C$11M to the company to help it ride the current bank redetermination process. Fortunately for us: The Debentures mature on July 29, 2018, can be repaid at any time without penalty […]

Pine Cliff Energy Saved By Natural Gas’ Impressive Recovery

Natural gas recovered to more than $2.70 per MMBTU from the lows of early March, and it was even better in Alberta: price had a two-bagger in a matter of months. AECO spot price is currently trading at C$2.00 per MMBTU. Source: gasalberta.com Take a look at my other quick analysis back in early April: […]

Pine Cliff Energy Falls Hard: Hedging Or Not Hedging

There is almost no good news coming out of the natural gas market now. My current position in Pine Cliff Energy is hemorrhaging money and is deeply in the red. Source: StockCharts.com At least we saw heavy buying and clear bullish signs from a technical point of view in the last two days. However, we […]

I Will Be Patient Before Doubling Down On Natural Gas

As we know, natural gas is trading at multi-year lows. All producers are under financial stress and their share price has reacted accordingly. Daily AECO natural gas prices are dangerously close to the C$1.10 per Mcf level. Yes you read that right: this is $0.84 per Mcf using Friday’s exchange rate. Natural gas price have […]

Pine Cliff Energy: Q4 2015 Earnings Highlights And Cost Profile

Pine Cliff Energy reported its Q4 2015 results last week. As you know, it was a pretty good year for the company. The acquisition of natural gas assets in central Alberta has been completed. This essentially doubles production. The corporate break-even will get even lower. The new corporate break-even of the company is now below […]

Pine Cliff Energy – Q3 2015 And Cost Profile Outlook

The company’s financial metrics released in Q3 are very good. The recent acquisition tells us that its business model is excellent, especially in the current environment. The cost profile of the company is also very good compared to other low cost peers. Click here to read the entire article on Seeking Alpha.

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