Portfolio Update: MEG Energy And It’s New CEO

I am simply astonished by the choice of the Board of Directors of MEG Energy. Derek Evans served as CEO of Pengrowth Energy from May 2009 until March 2018. I extracted a weekly view of the stock price of Pengrowth from the time he became CEO of the company. Source: TMX Money Shareholders never recovered. […]

Portfolio Update: Selling Gear Energy, Buying Peyto Exploration

I realized two new transactions in my portfolio today. It has been a long time since I traded. I took profits by selling my position in Gear Energy. The stock currently looks weak in the short term. Source: StockCharts.com The WTI/WCS differential has been collapsing for the last couple of days… Yet again. This explains […]

Portfolio Update: Sympathizing With Investors Enduring Pain

Despite mostly upbeat Q2 results, my stock picks aren’t moving higher. Sentiment is still negative in the energy market, capping energy stocks gain. Painted Pony and Point Loma are underperforming. Prairie Provident and Granite Oil are my two favorite buys right now. Click here to read the entire article on Seeking Alpha.

Portfolio Update: Adding To My Favorite Canadian E&Ps

Last week’s sell-off was a one time event: Stability in the oil market should return. Selling overleveraged and low netbacks oil producers. Adding to my favorite Canadian E&Ps. Click here to read the entire article on Seeking Alpha.

Portfolio Update: Adding To My Energy Holdings

Last Wednesday was a test for energy investors. Did you resist the urge of following the masses by selling your energy holdings? I resisted. I added to my favorite energy holdings last Wednesday, which are Gear Energy, Point Loma Resources and Raging River Exploration. Those companies can survive low oil prices and then thrive once […]

Portfolio Update: Moving Chips To My Winners

I am now well positioned for 2017 after another series of move in my portfolio. I added to my positions in Painted Pony Petroleum and in Gear Energy by selling part of my position in MEG Energy. I am preparing my portfolio for lower oil prices. I opened a position in Tidewater Midstream & Infrastructure. […]

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