Corridor Resources: Unloved, Unknown, With 2 Golden Options

  • Corridor’s natural gas business in New Brunswick will be profitable, despite the moratorium.
  • The company has a pristine balance sheet, with no debt and over $23M in cash.
  • It has a quick ratio of over 29, which indicates absolutely no financial pressure in the short term.
  • The market is completely ignoring the tremendous Old Harry and Anticosti Island prospects.

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Alfa And Harbour Buy Pacific Rubiales Energy For An Opportunistic $6 Per Share

  • Speculation ended last night as Pacific Rubiales is being bought at around $6 CAD per share.
  • This offer is at the low end of the valuation I discussed in my previous article.
  • With the oil market slowly recovering, I would expect better returns holding on to the stock for the longer term instead of letting go at this price.

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Look For A Short-Term Pullback In TransGlobe Energy

TransGlobe Energy had a great run in the past month, following my articles on Seeking Alpha. However, on a technical point of view, you should expect a short-term pullback. As such, I believe it is time to sell the stock and buy it back in the short-term afterwards.

TGL June 10


Indeed, it seems that the stock couldn’t break the C$5.40 mark. Furthermore, the MACD is about to cross downward. The stock might test the 200-day moving average again in the short-term.

Disclosure: I am long TGL.