Athabasca Is A Golden Long-Term Opportunity

  • Substantial acres in Alberta in both the oil sands and light oil.
  • Focusing on more profitable light oil properties for a self-funded business in the medium-term.
  • Very good balance sheet in the short-term and lots of funding available.
  • When the value of the properties unlocked, finding a partner to develop the massive acreage will be easier.

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Alfa And Harbour Buy Pacific Rubiales Energy For An Opportunistic $6 Per Share

  • Speculation ended last night as Pacific Rubiales is being bought at around $6 CAD per share.
  • This offer is at the low end of the valuation I discussed in my previous article.
  • With the oil market slowly recovering, I would expect better returns holding on to the stock for the longer term instead of letting go at this price.

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Look For A Short-Term Pullback In TransGlobe Energy

TransGlobe Energy had a great run in the past month, following my articles on Seeking Alpha. However, on a technical point of view, you should expect a short-term pullback. As such, I believe it is time to sell the stock and buy it back in the short-term afterwards.

TGL June 10


Indeed, it seems that the stock couldn’t break the C$5.40 mark. Furthermore, the MACD is about to cross downward. The stock might test the 200-day moving average again in the short-term.

Disclosure: I am long TGL.

TransGlobe Energy Should Be On Every Investor’s Radar

  • Valuation compared to peers points to major upside.
  • The management team is prudent and of high quality, and is a great value creator for shareholders.
  • The plan to buy back 10% of the public float will provide a floor and boost the share price.
  • There have been fundamental changes in the way TGA can do its business and it will clearly benefit shareholders.
  • The management team is willing to look for potential M&A opportunities with high level of cash and a pristine balance sheet.

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SNC-Lavalin Group Will Benefit From Insider Trading In The Short Term

  • Intense insider buying and the share buyback will provide a strong floor for the share price.
  • The Highway 407 concession in Ontario is a highly valuable asset, and the sale could raise cash for another acquisition.
  • There are still great headwinds that remains in the core engineering and construction operations of the company.

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