New Brunswick Elections: PC Minority Government

As of now, the Progressive Conservatives, lead by Blaine Higgs, were ahead with 22 elected representatives. New Brunswick Liberals followed with 21 seats. Majority is 25 of the 49 seats of the Assembly. Results are not official yet as some ridings were won by less than 10 votes.

Bryan Gallant, the leader of the NB Liberals, didn’t concede victory to the conservatives in his speech tonight. He wanted to speak with the Lieutenant Governor and other parties to try to form a government, even though the Liberals didn’t have the most seats.

On the contrary, Higgs said it was his own responsibility to convene a minority government.

The highest number wins.

Blaine Higgs, Leader of the Progressive Conservatives of New Brunswick.

Higgs was referring to his higher number of seats, despite losing the popular vote. The NB Liberals are claiming a moral victory as they hold a 6% lead in the popular vote.

The probable outcome is for Higgs to form a minority government. This, despite not a majority government, is a bullish breakthrough for Corridor.

Disclosure: I am long CDH. Not for republication on Seeking Alpha.

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